About Us

About Us

The existence of our brand is the story of two sisters, who are in different education and corporate business life, set out in 2017 to find their own path.

When we discovered our interest in accessory at an early age and started making jewelry for ourselves, we started with a small business in Istanbul-Yeşilköy with the desire and courage to continue this pleasure.

Ours was a route expected from 2 sisters who did not even once give a doctor or teacher answer to the question of what you will be when you grow up :) (traditional habit)

While one of us chose to design stylish, timeless and useful jewelry by combining her selection and taste, the other completed her work division by happily undertaking the visual presentation and procurement of the products.

Our collection consists of 925 sterling silver mainly. 14 carat gold and row diamond jewelleries that we prepared as capsules.

We more more attention to everything natural while choosing our precious and semi-precious stones, and we add them to our collection by modelling them as they are, without interfering with the structure of the stone.

We carefully design and present our jewels for your pleasure

Happy Shopping.

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