Dog Brooch

1,950.00 TL



It will be delivered to cargo within 1-3 business days.
The product is 925 Sterling Silver plated with 14 ct protection Gold.

Rose color.

Pearl and enamel are  used.

Length and width 2,5 cm- 2 cm.

In order to preserve its color for a long time, contact with all kinds of chemicals should be avoided.

Payment Options


• Delivery of overseas orders is made only with Aramex fast shipping, the shipping cost is between 950 TL - 1250 TL, the delivery time is 3-5 business days.
• The orders given in weekdays, bank holidays and national holidays will be delivered to the courier in the next working day and estimated delivery time starts with the next working day.
• The orders will be shipped in 1 to 3 working days and delivery time depends on shipment method and your address.
• We continuously check our product stocks in our online site. In case of any irreplaceable stock problem with your order, we contact you for a solution like replacing with different product or refund. Delivery cost will be added to your order total.
• Please check if there is any damage in the package when the package is delivered to you before you sign the delivery from. In case of any damage, please require the courier to arrange a damage report about the delivery and do not accept the package. The courier will return us the package with the report.
• Your order is under the by Eda Çetin brand guarantee until it is delivered to you by the shipping company.


Don't Know My Ring Size?

How to Calculate Ring Size?

When ordering a ring, you should know the size of the ring and add this information to the order form correctly. If you do not know your size to use, we can find your ring size for you with the values ​​you will obtain using one of the simple methods.

METHOD (Diameter)

If there is a ring that you have previously worn on the finger you intend to wear, take it in your hand

Find a ruler that measures in millimeters (mm)

Place the ring horizontally on the table and measure the inside diameter of the ring from across.

Do not take into account the metal part of the ring in the measurement process.

Make sure to measure the widest part of the ring while doing this.

Read the millimeter from the ruler. Write the size corresponding to the DIAMETER value from the scale below in the size part of your order.

METHOD (Environment)

If you do not have a ring according to your finger you intend to wear, take a piece of paper in your hand as a piece of wire or ribbon

Wrap the strip of paper on your finger, mark the junction of the two ends with a pencil,

Find a ruler that measures in millimeters (mm) and measure the part of the paper up to the point you marked.

These values will give you the length of the circumference of your finger.

Write the size corresponding to the ENVIRONMENTAL value from the scale below in the size part of your order.


14,7 46 6
15 47 7
15,3 48 8
15,6 49 9
15,9 50 10
16,2 51 11
16,5 52 12
16,8 53 13
17,2 54 14
17,5 55 15
17,8 56 16
18,1 57 17
18,4 58 18
18,8 59 19
19,1 60 20
19,4 61 21
19,7 62 22
20 63 23
20,3 64 24
20,6 65 25
21 66 26
21,3 67 27
21,6 68 28
22 69 29
22,3 70 30
22,6 71 31

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